Renew your membership today!

Before the crunch of the holiday season and other year-end activities, don’t forget to renew your SFJ Membership.

We know very well that this brave new world of journalism presents some major challenges.  We also know that your membership in SFJ provides a ready source of ideas, inspiration, support and camaraderie that can help in rapidly evolving times.

It’s an exciting time for the group.  As you know, the newly-formed SFJ Foundation has received tax-exempt status, which will allow for the expansion of training and mentoring opportunities offered through our Diversity Fellowship program.

Renewals (or new memberships) are good for one year.  If you don’t know when your membership expires, email Merrilee Cox or call 301-314-2631.

Share the word with your colleagues and take advantage of the multiple member rates.

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SFJ membership: Renew today!

It’s time to re-up your membership to SFJ. If you’re not already a member, join us now. There are so many reasons to be a member: A robust monthly newsletter full of ideas, an annual conference with the best in the business, and more.