SFJ18 writing contest seeks: best print section



Enter our annual Excellence-in-Writing contest’s Best Section category! The sections must have been published in 2017. Deadline is March 2.

To see all our categories, click here.

To go directly to our contest website, click here.

The best your publication has to offer in printed A&E, features and lifestyle coverage.

Submit five sections from the 2016 calendar year. One must be an arts-and-entertainment-themed section, and one must be a Sunday section. (If your publication doesn’t print on Sunday, submit one section from Saturday or from your premiere weekly section and add a note of explanation).

The other three are the editor’s choice from regularly appearing features sections. Entries are judged on content, which includes the range of topics, depth, voice and style; service, which includes the inclusion of everyday people, useful information and the level of reader interaction; and design, which includes the use of photos and illustrations, headlines, navigational tools and the “wow” factor. One hard copy of each section is required. One entry consists of one copy of each of the five sections and PDFs of three of the submitted section fronts (PDFs of the section fronts only).

On the back of each section, attached a printed version of the entry label, which automatically appears after each entry is submitted.

Mail entries to SPJ-SFJ Contest 2017, Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Center, 3909 N. Meridian St., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Entries must be postmarked by March 2, 2018. Also, attach PDFs of the front or cover page from three of the submitted entries.


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