Show and Steal — It happens every year

We’re showcasing smart an innovative coverage of “the annual” something — whether’s it’s a holiday or a yearly special look by a news organization.

2016 Show & Steal.pptx-22016 Show & Steal.pptx-32016 Show & Steal.pptx-42016 Show & Steal.pptx-52016 Show & Steal.pptx-62016 Show & Steal.pptx-72016 Show & Steal.pptx-82016 Show & Steal.pptx-92016 Show & Steal.pptx-102016 Show & Steal.pptx-112016 Show & Steal.pptx-122016 Show & Steal.pptx-132016 Show & Steal.pptx-142016 Show & Steal.pptx-152016 Show & Steal.pptx-162016 Show & Steal.pptx-172016 Show & Steal.pptx2016 Show & Steal.pptx


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