Digital Tool Tuesday: New Snapchat feature

0915 snapchat2

Have you tried Snapchat yet? Still don’t understand it?

Here’s a new reason to check it out? Incredible selfies.

One of Snapchat’s quirky features is the ability to write on top of the photo or video, or add emoticons or scribbles.

Now you can add special effects to selfies you take within the app. The feature, called Lenses, activates while the camera is open. Play along to create rainbows pouring out of your mouth, hearts on your eyes, and other whatnots.

Now why would you even consider such a selfie? To help promote a weird story or a columnist who is ready to cover something live.

It’s also a great excuse to discover Snapchat’s potential: Once you’re signed up, stroll through the Discover section, which many news organizations are using. You can see that they’re curating their own content for the Snapchat audience.

Check out the Food Network channel: The Food Network currently has at least six stories about Pumpkin Spice Latte, including a Coloring Book, short videos repurposing Food Network content, and even a Thought of the Day, a whimsical GIF.

Snapchat was made for feature content. Try it.


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