Digital Tool Tuesday: SFJ conference wrap-up, with links and great story ideas


The Society for Features Journalism conference at the University of Maryland was a great success.

In case you didn’t make it, here’s a list of the digital tools we discussed during a Friday morning session with Betsey Guzior, engagement editor at Bizwomen, and Corey Takahashi, a multimedia instructor at Syracuse University, and at other sessions.

 Digital tools

Whadda looking at_

Canva Twitter card

Screenshot 2015-08-27 11.41.20 chart

  • Infogram: free version to visualize data (above):
  • IMGflip: easy way to make annoying gifts:
    • Also makes memes
    • Can make pie charts – can add as many slices
  • Twitter cards: creates a text/image card when readers tweek a link:
    • Creates attractive hyperlinks
    • Needs a verified account
    • If there is an error, will replicate through story
  • Mosaically: allows you to make a high resolution zoomable mosaic:
spurrier quiz

Playbuzz quiz

Great examples


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