Digital Tool Tuesday: Canva

A quote/image combination made with Canva. Ten of these were made into a photo gallery.

A quote/image combination made with Canva. Ten of these were made into a photo gallery.

The digital tool:

What does it do? Allows you to combine text and photos to make Twitter and Facebook images, posters, etc. You can build an image with a quote, a headline or a tease to use along with any social media links.

How does it work? After you’ve signed up, you get to do a test piece. Canva will gently guide you through the process. You can upload your own images, and you have plenty of choice in font and style of the text you want to add.

Once you’ve created your image, you can download it as a .png, then convert it as a JPEG for use with a tweet or a Facebook post.

Canva provides images, including icons, shapes, illustrations and photos. You can upload your own. Most of the images are available for free.

The free version is pretty generous on what you can do, so you might want to stick with that. A Canva for Work version (paid) allows you to create brand templates and even more. Certain images cost very little to buy.


  • The choices are a bit overwhelming; a graphic designer might help you choose a style that complements the style of your section/website.
  • The save button isn’t easy to find, but it’s a drop down under the “find” button on the top left.
  • You can save your creations and use them over again.

How it’s used: How about this photo gallery with inspiring quotes from female business leaders in the Silicon Valley?

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